The Answer to most Questions

The Answer to most Questions

One thing’s for certain.

It’s all hands to the pump!

After three months of delayed projects, there are a lot of people waiting in the wings to get going again!

Throughout the lockdown, we’ve continued our conversations with customers about their kitchens.

Particularly during the initial stages when we’re deliberating design ideas, lots of questions are asked. We’re increasingly finding that our answer to a lot of these questions is…


Their range of appliances is staggering. They’re exquisitely designed, and extremely well thought through.

NEFF have clearly thought hard about how to make a kitchen as intuitive, ergonomic and useful as possible, and the results are phenomenal.

Two products that I love in particular include:

The Slide&Hide® Oven Door, that gives you complete access to the inside of the oven, without the risk of burning (as seen on the Great British Bakeoff!)

The CircoTherm® Hot-air Solution, which allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time, without intermingling flavours. Cook your fish cakes and sponge cakes in one oven, without any flavour transfer!

The best thing about NEFF appliances is that they really aren’t gimmicky – they’ve been designed to make life easier. And I think this is the key reason for their growing popularity.

I’ll be honest, they can be pricey, but the beauty of a NEFF appliances is that they add significant value to your development, and they stand the test of time so much better than other brands.

We’ve had plenty of experience fitting NEFF products, so if you’re interested in talking through your options, and what would work in your next project, feel free to contact us here.