About In-Frame Kitchens

The defining feature of inframe kitchens is the panelling of the cabinetry. An in frame kitchen will have cabinet doors and drawer fronts that are framed. These can be made with flat or raised inner panels. This detailing on your cupboards and cabinets adds depth and creates a stunning visual.

While contemporary kitchens generally have flat inner panels or no framing at all, in frame kitchens usually have intricate cabinetry, but that doesn’t mean that these framed designs are old and tired. The natural wood and beautiful colour compliments in our collection of in frame kitchens highlight the varying textures. This style has all the sophistication of a contemporary design, with an old-world glamour unlike any other style.

In frame kitchens have enough visual interest to look great with bare countertops, but also have the clean lines and smooth surfaces that are necessary to make a bit of kitchen décor and cookware look great. You’ll have no problem personalizing this style of kitchen, and it will soon become your family’s favourite room.

Virtually any type of flooring looks great with an in frame kitchen, as do most countertop materials. Fixtures, hardware and appliances can be chosen to accent which element of your kitchen you want to stand out. Vintage designs will emphasize the more traditional aspects of the style, while contemporary pieces can bring the timeless cabinetry into the modern era.

Create a gorgeous, modern Victorian or Edwardian setting in your home. Lots of open space and the use of kitchen islands let the natural light flow right through the room while your designer lighting sets a beautiful ambience and illuminates your work areas.

View our range of in frame kitchens to find the design that appeals to you. Book a meeting with us to discuss your options and to schedule full installation in London & Hertfordshire.