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About Handle-less Kitchens

At Glotech Kitchens North London and St Albans, we believe your kitchen is the heart of your family home. Therefore it is essential that your kitchen matches your individual needs, tastes and lifestyle. For this reason, we offer a complete range of custom made kitchens from the world’s top brands. With a wide range of styles, colour schemes and materials to suit all tastes and budgets, our specialist team can design and install the perfect custom kitchen for your property. We currently cover much or London and Hertfordshire and have showrooms in North Finchley and St Albans where we have beautiful displays so please feel free to come and see us today to discuss your new kitchen ideas.

Kitchens with handles are quickly becoming outdated and are being replaced by contemporary and practical handleless designs. A handleless kitchen is one of the ultimate upgrades for your home or property and it can not only change the whole appearance of your kitchen but also your entire way of living. At Glotech Kitchens in North London, we will provide you with a large range of handleless kitchens, cabinets and drawers for all of your individual requirements.

The minimalistic and clean-cut design of a handleless kitchen is now very striking and will appeal to those who like a spacious and open plan kitchen. Handles can make your kitchen appear cluttered and disorganised which can damper the whole atmosphere in the kitchen. With a handleless kitchen, you will have the opportunity to hide away your utensils and integrate or conceal your kitchen appliances such as your bin, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and crockery. A new handleless kitchen can also give you a vast amount of clever integrated storage such as cabinets, drawers, deep drawers and shelving, all which can be concealed for an organised and minimalistic finish.

A great benefit of a handleless kitchen is that they are a lot safer than kitchens with handles. It is all too common that you bang yourself or snag your clothing on handles protruding out, causing minor injuries and damage to yourself or clothing. Handles can also be extremely unsafe for small children, babies and toddlers as they can easily bang their heads and arms on handles from lower cabinets by trying to pull themselves up (climbing) Handles also give toddlers and small children the opportunity to access the contents of cabinets which may contain chemicals for cleaning or dangerous utensils . A handleless kitchen will help prevent such accidents and injuries and this is why they are extremely popular with families and those with small children.

Here at Glotech Kitchens North London, we will help to plan, design and create your new handleless kitchen. From clever storage options to the overall look, we will work closely with you on every step of the way and tailor your handleless kitchen to suit your individual requirements and taste for a functional and customised kitchen. With a large range of different materials, colours, fittings and finishes, you can have plenty of flexibility to create your perfect handleless kitchen.

Here at Glotech Kitchens, we will not comprise on quality and pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customer’s individual needs, We believe that every client is truly unique, just like a handleless kitchen. We look forward to hearing from you today to discuss your kitchen project and helping you turn your dream kitchen into reality. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to arrange an appointment or consultation. We cover all of Hertfordshire and much of London . Our dedicated team of designers are at hand to show you what we have created for other families and to discuss what we can achieve for you. You will be sure that our Handle less kitchens from Christopher Mark, Doimo Cucine and Arredo 3 will wet your appetite.