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About Handle-less Kitchens

A handleless kitchen presents a sleek appearance that enhances the look of your contemporary home and offers a variety of timeless cabinet and cupboard designs. Accentuate your smooth kitchen surfaces by eliminating distracting hardware. Handleless kitchens highlight your favourite elements, like high-quality materials, designer fixtures and ambient lighting.

This seamless design provides a safer environment for little ones who are eye- and head-level with cabinet knobs and replaces time-consuming handle cleaning with a quick wipe of a flat surface. Cleanliness is a vital factor in planning a kitchen. Handleless kitchens create a uniquely clean and minimalist appearance by removing cluttering hardware that would otherwise break up the visual of your cabinetry.

Options for handleless drawer and door operation include finger pulls and push-to-open mechanics. Finger pulls can be moulded as part of the door or drawer face or made of a separate piece of wood or aluminium. This allows you to quickly and easily open the door from any pull point. Push-to-open doors and drawers present a truly handleless face, simplifying your cleaning routine drastically and allowing you to open doors and drawers with an elbow or even a knee, which comes in handy during meal preparation.

Our collection of handleless kitchens offers beautiful design features like islands and appliances in a range of colours and finishes that allow you to personalize one of the most frequently-occupied rooms in your house. Handleless islands draw your guests’ eyes to your carefully-chosen fixtures, countertops and décor while your appliances polish the look with elegant sophistication.

Choose from our extensive line of handleless kitchen designs by booking a meeting today to find out how we can help create the perfect kitchen for your contemporary home. We are dedicated to crafting your vision and we can fully install your selection in London & Hertfordshire.