It’s more fun this way.

It’s more fun this way.

It takes people a long time to choose a new kitchen.

OK, not everybody takes their time.

But the customers who are preparing to shell out for something that’ll last their lifetime? They want to be sure that they’re getting exactly what they want.

And show kitchens are all very useful when it comes to choosing your cabinets and colours. But deciding what goes where and the tiniest of details?

That’s a different story.

I get why so many people are so daunted when I ask them how they want their kitchen to function.

If you can’t visualise it, or you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can feel a bit lost.

And understandably more nervous that you’ll pay a big price for something that’s not quite right.

Thankfully, Glotech Kitchens have a solution that puts that worry to bed.

See, I personally make sure that each of my designers is trained in the latest CAD software.

That’s Computer Aided Design between you and me. It’s very cool.

And what it means is that they can knock up a photo realist design for you in a jiffy, at no extra cost.

Here’s the process.

You’ll sit down with a designer and they’ll listen to all your needs and pair your ideas with their own expertise.

Every kitchen we sell is compatible with our software so your designer will use CAD to create a true interpretation of everything. Not just your chosen finishes and layout, but the smallest details too.

Now here comes the fun bit.

We can play around with different ideas until we’ve created your perfect kitchen.

And once you’ve done that and placed an order, we’ll use the same software to produce service drawings for the plumbers and electricians too!

No excuse for services being in the wrong place, that way.